Minium learns to play with ‘Quick, Draw!’

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This little video shows Minium drawing a penguin in Google AI experiment ‘Quick, Draw!’:

Minium will use some auxiliary sites to “learn” how to draw a penguin:

  • First, it searches for line drawing images in Google images and picks the first one
  • It uses that image to get its contours using Contour by José Manuel Pérez
  • That service converts an image into SVG with polyline elements, from which Minium can easily extract all lines and corresponding points
  • Minium then simplifies lines so that they have less points and therefore are quickier to draw. For that, it uses the javascript library Simplify.js by Vladimir Agafonkin
  • Minium can now go back into ‘Quick, Draw’ and draw points using mouse interactions with offsets based on line points

You can check the code at

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